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Areas of Operation

Financial Management

  • Financial Management and Funds Control of large and small companies.
  • Advising on return on investment improvement
  • Advising on and carrying out gearing reduction programs
  • Taking over Caretaker Financial Control of companies large and small
  • Advising Management in General Financial Management

General Management

  • Advising General Management in the Co-ordination of Business Activities
  • Advising Corporations in the techniques of controlling their business and course of action to maintain control during growth periods
  • Establishing and altering Management Structures
  • Creating of Executive and Management Committees
  • Establishing Management short and long term objectives
  • Advising on profit centre and bottom line management

International Company Establishment and Reconstruction

  • Planning and Implementing Reconstruction of Multi-National Organisations involving relocation of Corporate head Office overseas
  • Establishment of Warehouse, Office and Management Divisions Internationally

Company Liquidations including Official Management

  • Advising in Official Management Schemes

Production Planning and Control

  • Design and Implementation of Production Planning Systems

Management Reporting Systems

  • Design of complete management reporting to cover:
    • Marketing  -  Sales
    • Profitability  -  Cash Flow
    • Establishment -  Capital Expenditure

Sales Management

  • Advising on and development of Sales Training Programs

Marketing Planning and Implementation

  • Advising on changes to marketing philosophies
  • Formulating marketing approaches to new products

Manufacturing Costing Systems

  • Design and Implementation of costing systems
  • Analysing existing systems and interpreting results for Management


  • Advising on; the type and extent of budgeting required in various businesses with up-to-date budgeting systems and procedures

Audit Services

  • The Firm has qualified Auditors under:
    Corporations Legislation

Taxation Local and Overseas

  • Advising in taxation matters at Senior Corporate Level
  • Reduction of Corporation taxation
  • Advising in International taxation matters
  • Restructuring International Corporate activities to minimise Australian Taxation


  • Review of client requirements and proposals for computer hardware and software systems
  • Design and Implementation of computer systems
  • Evaluation an Upgrading of existing systems
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