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About Us

Macarthur's MSVDH is a firm of Certified Practising Accountants who exist for those who expect more. We provide services to a select group of clients who are goal orientated.


From our results and client commitment to the commerciality of our advice, our aim is to provide the best in professional solutions.

As a CPA Firm, we have earned a reputation for achieving results. Our attitude to finding solutions to client's problems is commercial and goal-driven. We take time to learn our clients business and each problem is tackled with commitment and creativity.

We do not pretend to be all things to all people.

The firm offers select, client-focused services, which encompass:

  • Taxation Preparation
  • Taxation Planning
  • Business Advice & Development
  • Accounting Services
  • Audit Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Taxation Litigation

As client issues do not always fit into specific practise areas we draw resources from throughout the firm to build flexible teams tailored to meet client needs.

Todays' business climate can create hurdles that individuals and institutions must overcome to achieve their goals. Macarthur's MSVDH has had success in assisting clients to resolve taxation and commercial complexities and in doing so they have or are achieving their goals.

Our people are drawn from the wider world of commercial who have been employed in a wide spectrum of professional service firms within the accounting profession. Our firm has the people who have the knowledge and judgement to translate your most difficult problems into creative, cost-effective solutions.

Macarthur's MSVDH are certainly NOT your once a year accountants.



Macarthur Smith & Van der Horst in its various forms has been in practice since 1975. Since then the Firm has changed its name to Macarthur’s MSVDH following the amalgamation of a number of associated firms.

The principals and the organisation structure have changed at various times. In 1989 the Broken Hill office spilt with the Sydney office and now maintains an office in Adelaide.

Originally, G Kenneth Smith & Partners grew as a firm of Management and Business Consultants under the ownership of Geoff Smith, into its present form as a multi-disciplined firm providing a diversified range of services.

Presently the firm has associated with it professionals who have come from the commercial side of the accountancy profession after having careers as individuals before entering the professional side of Accountancy and Management Consultancy.

All persons associated with the firm are highly skilled, and all have had many years of practical experience in management of small, medium and large business enterprises, including multi-national and public companies.

Whether it be Management, Accounting, Finance, Auditing or Computerisation, there is a member of the Firm with the Academic and Professional Skills to competently attend to each of these areas.

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